Microsoft to Buy Skype

Microsoft will acquire Skype for $8.5 billion. This will help microsoft move into both consumer & enterprise video and voice communications. Both google & facebook were also in the race to acquire Skype. Skype has 170 million connected users. Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect & many windows devices. This has become a top topic in the blogosphere. This will help microsoft to move into new market areas & also to fight competation against facebook, apple, google & others. This is the largest MS deal.

Japan Tsunami & Earthquake – Use of Twitter, Facebook, Skype & other Social Networks

The tsunami & earthquake that have struck Japan have affected the communication sector. Mobile phone networks have been jammed & people are finding it difficult to communicate. Twitter, Facebook, Skype & local Japanese social networks have come in handy for people to communicate & keep in touch with the loved ones. Social media has been playing a crcial role in times of natural disasters. In Haiti earthquake also, twitter was used to keep in touch with the world. Several people have posted on their FB wall about their experiences during the quake. The japan Tsunami related topics have been trending in Twitter. Several videos have also been posted in Youtube.

Skype Adds Advertisement

Skype has added advertisement to the skype service which will provide a revenue stream for the company. Initially it will be available in US, UK & Germany. Skype has stated in its blog that leading companies like Visa, Universal pictures, Groupon & others. One brand ad per day will be shown. The ads won’t affect the users call experience & also no popups will be shown. This is a great way for marketers to reach the users. Also the ads wont be shown based on the demographic, age & other factors. Initially it will be available on the windows platform for Skype.