Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has introduced graph search. facebook has more than 1 billion members, 1 trillion connections & 240 billion photos. To navigate through these, facebook has introduced graph search. This is in beta now & available in english. Facebook has become the top social networking site. Graph search uses phrases to find the people, places, photos & other relevent information. Some of the examples include movies my friends liked, places my friends visited & others. Graph search follows the current privacy settings. More info about the graph search is available at www.facebook.com/graphsearch


Facebook hits 1 Billion Users

Facebook, world’s top social networking site, has reached a new milestone of 1 Billion users. Mark Zuckerberg made the statement on Facebook. Facebook has been growing strongly in India, Brazil & other countries. It officially hit the 1 billion user mark on Sept. 14. Facebook also went public recently. It debuted at $38 a share. Facebook’s mobile site is also receving millions of users & it has been aggressively pushing its mobile strategy. It has also released a fact sheet on 1 billion people. Facebook has become a part of marketing strategy for all the companies & it is playing a critical role in providing visibility to the companies & brands. More than 1.13 trillion likes since launch of like in Feb 2009 & it has become a critical parameter to measure the success of brand pages. Billions of photos have been uploaded & millions of songs have been played.

Facebook Commerce

Facebook with millions of members provides great opportunity for brands to provide for shopping through their pages. However, the facebook commerce hasn’t taken off in a great way. Some of the brands which have opened their shops on facebook pages have closed it down. There are several issuses like facebook being a social networking site, people may not be interested in purchasing a product & also the issue of privacy.

People are used to buying a product or service on ecommerce or company website. They may be averse to purchasing the product on facebook. Some of the brands which opened stores didn’t have significant sales & also not much return on investment. The range of products available also is limited compared to their ecommerce site.