Starbucks Holds More Cash Than Many Banks

The company has 12 million loyalty members in the U.S. alone and it means that Starbucks boasts a serious amount of cash on its customer cards. Starbucks has more customer cash than many banks have in deposits.

Infographic: Starbucks Holds More Cash Than Many Banks | Statista
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Top 10 Most Mentioned Brands on Twitter in Q4 2014

Top 10 Most Mentioned Brands on Twitter in Q4 2014 – Some of the brands mentioned are facebook, Disney, Google, starbucks & others

Who are the Top 10 Brands with the Highest Number of US Facebook Fans?

Facebook has become an important of marketing activity for any brands. Brands use it to connect with their customers, provide offers, promotions, get feedback on products/services, polls & other activities. Brands create a business page which a user can “Like” to become a fan of the page. Big corporations, local business & others have a brand page on Facebook. Top 10 Brands with the Highest Number of US Facebook Fans are Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Samsung Mobile, Subway & others. Wal Mart has 31 Million US fans, Target with 21 Millions US fans & others.

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Top Brands on Instagram – MTV, Nike, Starbucks, Redbull, Victoria’s Secret & others

Instagram has become the new destination for top brands. With 100 millions members, Visual marketing is helping brands connect with the customers easily. Many top brands like MTV, Nike, Starbucks & others are very popular on Instagram. Instagram web profiles, helps view photos from the web on the computer. Instagram web profile features a selection of a user’s most recent images along with the bio and also a follow link with the number of followers & following. Many brands are also using Pinterest for their marketing activities. According to some study, brands on Instagram have more followers than Pinterest. Also with the integration of Facebook & Instagram, it is helping users to connect easily & share their preferences.

Brands are using Instagram frequently & updating with the pics. Each of the pics can be liked & also comments can be given which helps in engagement. Brands can analyze their profile based on most liked photos, most commented photos, popular filters, locations & others. Instagram web profiles make it easier to manage the profiles from the computer rather going for a mobile device. During Hurricane sandy, thousands of photos was uploaded to Instagram by individual users documenting the hurricane. Some of the top brands on Instagram are MTV, Starbucks, Victoria’s secret, Eonline, Nike, Redbull, Burberry, Gucci, NBC News, Audi, NPR, General Electric  The onion, Armani, Puma, Levi’s, Gap, Adidas, Southwest Airlines, Rolling Stone, VH1 & others.

Starbucks & Social Media

Starbucks has embraced the digital marketing & social media into its overall marketing strategy. Starbucks has a website where users can submit ideas & can be voted by others. It has also included sponsored tweets in Twitter to promote free goodies for tax day. It has also promoted deals in foursquare. Starbucks facebook promotions have also helped it increase the brand awareness. Blogs on the website helped provide a communication with the customers. Starbucks social media promotions have helped it develop good rapport with its big customer base.