How Brands are using Instagram & Vine Videos as a Marketing tool? – #JobsInstagramTrailer & #wantnewcar

Instagram & Vine videos have become the new tool for marketers to use in advertising, promotion & makrketing activities. Many brands have already joined the short duration videos bandwagon to reach customers. Short videos of the yet to be released movies are being shown on Instagram & Vine. New Steve Jobs movie trailer is available on Instagram. Open Road Films created the Jobs trailer specifically for the platform.

Honda is planning to use Vine to respond to customer tweets. They would be using the hashtag #wantnewcar to respond to select tweets. This will encourage users to swap their old cars for new Hondas & this is done by Honda as part of their Summer clearance sale. The vine videos will be customized to each users feedback.


Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple. Jobs has been credited with making Apple, the tech titan & also the leader in computer industry. Under him, Apple created ipod, ipad, iphone, macs & thus made the company darling of wall street. It recently eclipsed exxon in the stock exchange with highest market capital. Tim Cook will become the CEO of the company. His health has been a major factor in the resignation. Apple is expected to release iPhone 5 & this would further solidify the company’s position. Steve Jobs is a charismatic CEO under whom Apple grew by leaps & bounds.

Steve Jobs gets FT’s person of the year

Steve Jobs, Apple’s Tech Czar, has won the FT’s person of the year. What if Zuckerberg gets the
Time’s person of the year, Stve Jobs has walked away with the Person of the year. Apple, which was once considered as a write off, has been made into a tech titan by Steve Jobs. iPhone, iPad, iMacs, iPods & others have revolutionized the tech industry. They have created a new market itself. iphone created a sort of records with millions of phones sold in a short of span time. iPad created so much buzz during its release. Apple also won many accolades from adage’s awards.
The market cap of Apple has catapulted it into the darling of Wall Street. App store, the brain child of Steve Jobs, has made Apple the numero uno choice for the mobile apps.

Apple gets Adage’s Marketer of the Decade

Apple, the maker of iPhone, iPad & others, has won the marketer of the Decade from Adage. Apple has been very successful in creating new markets for iPod, iPhone, iPad & others. It has a cult following in the tech world. Apple has successfully overcome the dark clouds it faced in last decade to become a successful tech company. It has sold millions of devices & also the marketing principles it employs are very different from the other companies. Its PR machine surely knows how to create a marketing buzz. Till the day products are released it hardly gives any information & this helps it create a viral. Surely it does deserve to get a Marketer of the decade.