Summer Break – A Social Media Only Reality Show

Here is a new Reality show, Summer Break, which will be available on social media like twitter, instagram, tumblr. This is going to be the first reality show not on TV. This tracks lives of 9 teenagers who enjoy their summer break before they go to college. You can check their daily updates as it will be posted on twitter, instagram & tumblr. Within 24 hours of event happening, there will be 60-second daily episodes produced by professionals that will be posted on YouTube. The cast consists of five guys – Connor, Kostas, Zaq, Trevis, Ray & four girls – Clara, Lena, Alex, Nia.
With mobile dominating the lives of teens, this show provides a perfect platform to track their lives on mobile devices through social networks. Pics, tweets, shares & updates rule the lives of teenagers. The budget for this is around $5 million dollars & is sponsored by AT&T. This is the first such social media reality show & will be watched closely on how successful it will be.