Google Transparency Report – India

Google’s Transparency report provides the number of requests that Google receives from copyright owners and governments to remove information from its services. Google receives requests from copyright owners and reporting organisations which represent them to remove search results that infringe on copyrights. The request involves URL’s to be removed. Government agencies also request Google to remove content from its services. Some of the Government requests include defamation, Electoral Law, Government Criticism, Adult Content, Impersonation & others. These vary by country & on the local laws.

Some of the requests from India include Indian Computer Emergency Response Team to remove content from Google+, 1759 comments associated with some YouTube videos, a Blogger blog & 64 YouTube videos. There was also city Cyber Crime Investigation Cell’s request to remove current depictions of disputed borders of Jammu and Kashmir in five Google Maps. There has been a debate going on whether Govt should play a role in policing the net.

Google Report India