Viral Video : Girls Don’t Poop –


GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial – Happier than a Camel on Wednesday Viral Video

Usher & Samsung – Looking 4 Myself Viral Video

#PubLooShocker – British Anti-Drunk Driving PSA – Top Viral Video

Evian’s Baby & Me Viral Video – Dancing babies are Back

Remember Evian‘s “Roller babies” Viral Advt ? Now Evian is back with A new advt featuring babies in Baby&Me. It has already received millions of views on YouTube since being released & it shows adults who see their baby selves in their reflections. A guy stops on the sidewalk & looks at his baby self, this is followed by more grownups & babies joining the group.

In 2009, the company’s “Roller Babies” commercial, featured roller-skating babies, became a huge success. Viral videos have become a big mover of visibility for the brands. This helps drive tons of traffic, PR & online word of mouth.


Old Spice Man is Back Viral Video

A Hunter Shoots a Bear – Most Creative Youtube Video Ever?

A Hunter Shoots a Bear is one of the most creative youtube video ever. Ad is for Tipp-Ex, a correction fluid. Most of the videos on youtube are static meaning users cant interact with the ad. However, this ad gives the users a chance to select what to do at the end. Based on the answer, users can interact with the ad. There are various ways like hug, kiss, shoot, hit & others in which they can interact. The ad is a new type of interactive videos in which the site along with the video become part of the ad.

Will it Blend? – The top Viral video of all time

Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson surely knows how to create a top viral video even if it meant destroying an iphone or an iPad. The will it blend video created a history with more than 134.2 million views. All the ads have the same music, tagline & host. No body would have thought of grinding an iphone or an ipad. However, this brilliant idea helped the Blendtec company acheive a viral status. The next top viral video is Avian’s Live Young. There have been many viral videos.