Top Viral Video of 2014 – Devil Baby Attack

An animatronic “devil baby” in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City (NYC). A hidden camera records people’s reactions. Viral videos create visibility for the movies. This is a great viral video of 2014. Movie details at


Viral Video – YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?


Viral Video : Kmart Christmas Commercial 2013 – Show Your Joe Boxer

Viral Video of Kmart Christmas Commercial 2013 – Show Your Joe Boxer.

Viral Video – Virgin America Safety Video #VXsafetydance

Viral Video – Emotional baby! Too cute! – Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”


10-month-old Mary Lynne Leroux reacts to Rod Stewart’s “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”.

LG Ultra Reality – What would you do in this situation? : Viral Video

What are the top Differences Between Instagram & Vine Videos?

With the introduction of Instagram videos, the social media video war has begun between Instagram & Vine. Twitter first introduced Vine videos which became a big hit for Twitter. Vine received great reviews & its membership base kept growing. First with the iOS app & then app for andorid was introduced. Instagram, primarily a photo app, also came out with videos. The initial response to Instagram videos was great with millions of videos uploaded. Some of the important differences between the 2 are

1) Video Length : Instagram – 15 sec & Vine – 6 seconds
2) Filters : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
3) Image Stabilization : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
4) Cover Frame : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
5) Embeddable : Instagram – Yes & Vine – yes
6) Photo Map : Instagram – yes & Vine – No
7) Geotagging : Instagram – Yes & Vine – Yes
8) Looping : Instagram – No & Vine – yes

Brands have already started using both the instagram & vine videos for marketing activities. Several promotions have been done on Vine using crowdsourcing. Movies are releasing clips on Instagram & Vine. Recently Steve Jobs movie, Jobs, has been released on Instagram. Honda is using Vine to respond to specific customer tweets.

#VineonVine by #Nordstorm Social #Puma #Fashion

Viral Videos & its role in Brand Building – Apple, Old Spice, Blendtec & others

Viral Videos play an important role in Brand building. Some of the popular viral videos which have helped in Brand building are Apple 1984 ad, Old Spice my man, Blendtec’s will it blend, nike’s football worldcup ad & others. Viral Videos get millions of views in a short time & gets shared on social networking sites. Apple’s 1984 ad helped in building Apple brand name. Blendtec’s will it blend ad gave it a big brand name & its video is top videos of the year. There is no hard & fast rule as to how the viral videos need to be created. It taps into the basic emotions of the human beings & users usually feel attached to these videos. Viral videos have also helped video sharing sites gain traffic. There are several websites which give weekly ranking of top viral videos.

The Google+ Project – Viral Video

Fearless at the 500