Trending Viral Video : Volkswagen – Eyes on the road

A brilliant advt by VW communicating how risky it is to use mobile while driving. Great Ad!!

Volkswagen Golf GTI – The Fastest YouTube Ad

Volkswagen has been at the forefront of innovative marketing campaigns. In India, they had launched campaign for Jetta using #anything4jetta in Twitter. Automobile companies are using innovative ways to reach customers & explore new markets. Social Media is a great medium to connect with the customers.

VW is using youtube for its Golf GTI advt in Spain. It is called as the The Fastest YouTube Ad. This has been created by DDB.

Volkswagen Golf GTI – “Click if you can” case from DDB España on Vimeo.


VW’s The Force – Top Superbowl Video Ad on the web

VW‘s The force has garnered 20 million views to become top online superbowl ad on the web. The ad is about the 2012 VW passat. In the ad star wars darth vadar style kid is used. Such kind of views give the brand an easier way of reaching the customers and also increases visibility for the brand. 

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