World Wildlife Fund’s #LastSelfie Campaign – Using Snapchat to Communicate about Endangerd Species

World Wildlife Fund in collaboration with Turkish agency 41? 29! has launched a new campaign called #LastSelfie. The campaign uses Snapchat’s self-destruct method of photos to show how endangered species are vanishing from the earth. This is a very creative method of using snapchat for a promotional purpose. Social Media, selfie, snap chat & other social media tools are used extensively & this campaign uses what the current generation is widely using to communicate them a message.

WWF Denmark   LastSelfie

WWF Denmark LastSelfie


Russian social network Odnoklassniki & WWF use “404 error pages” to Save endangered species

Russian social network service Odnoklassniki & WWF have joined hands for a unique campaign where by the 404 error pages found on Odnoklassniki is used to raise awareness of species on the verge of extinction. WWF’s “Rare Page” campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of endangered species in Russia like snow leopard, tiger, polar bear & others. Many companies use 404 error pages creatively to target the users. This is one of the first instances where a 404 error page is used a campaign.

A ’404 not found’ error message appears when a user tries to access a webpage that doesn’t exist, because the link is broken or is no longer used. When a user visits a 404 error page() they will see a campaign page with the message like

“This page doesn’t exist on Odnoklassniki. It is as rare as the polar bear in the wild. Currently there are only 20-25 thousand polar bears left, but their popular might decrease by 2/3 in 30 years.”