– Official Website for 2013 Mysore Dasara launched

The official Website for 2013 Mysore Dasara is available at The website has been designed with great user interface & social profiles on Facebook, twitter & android App has been included. Mysore Dasara Facebook page has got around 6000 likes & the mobile app has been downloaded several times. Both Kannada & English language options have been given & there is also an option to buy Gold Cards on the site. Gallery provides link to various Pics & Videos.

One can also go for Chamundeshwari Temple E-Seva at the official Temple website at This is a very good move by the Govt. to provide E-Seva facilities. People across the world can now avail of this at the click of a mouse. Wikipedia Entry on Mysore Dasara provides a wealth of Information on the festival.

2013 Mysore Dasara

2013 Mysore Dasara


4 thoughts on “ – Official Website for 2013 Mysore Dasara launched

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  2. Puneet Rajkumar-Deepika Padukone Inaugurated Yuva Dasara 2013: Puneet Rajkumar is nama kanadiga but Deepika Padukone is not lucky for karnataka because when she was Ambassador to kingfisher, kingfisher went under loss now today she Inaugurated Mysore Dasara, first time in history of Mysore howdah spouse to fell down and Mysore Dasara was delay for 2hr. So Deepika Padukone madam is unlucky to Karnataka.


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