How to Optimize Your Google+ Profile?

Here is a 15-minute Hangout on Air with Beyond Social Media Show co-hosts Albert Maruggi, B.L. Ochman and David Erickson on Optimizing your Google+ pages. Google+ is the top social media site after Facebook. In the hangout, you will come to know why Google+ should be used, how Google+ will help in your Google search rankings, profile images, writing a tag line to encourage people to follow you & helps in Google search rankings.

Google+ is now the second largest social network with 500 million members of which 359 million are active monthly. Google+ is integrated into Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics, Blogger, Live Streaming, and others. If you Ignore Google+ and Google Search will ignore you. Social Media has contributed a lot for real time marketing. Brands are using social media information to reach to the customers & connect with them.


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