Google Universal Analytics

With the growth of mobiles, tablet devices & others, it has become challenging to understand analytic data from multiple sources & use it effectively. Google’s universal analytics helps business address many such concerns easily. Universal analytics is the evolution of Google analytics. Universal analytics helps in online/offline data sync, performance of the mobile apps, how customers interact via an array of devices & others. It uses analytics.js tracking code & paste it to head section of the website. The javascript library has been changed to analytics.js from ga.js. Google Tag Manager can also be used to implement Universal Analytics. Some of the other features available include multi platform tracking, custom dimensions & metrics, select new feature releases & others. Google has been very active in improving the features of Google analytics & adding new features.

2 thoughts on “Google Universal Analytics

  1. Universal Analytic Comes Up with Number Of New Features , thanks for include topic Within your Blog . A Day Back i read A positive Difference between both From a Blog of FATbit . it is Advised to Use both Google Analytic as well Universal analyticin order to maintaining the continuity of the first account


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