Top Facebook Brand Pages in India – Tata Docomo, MTV India, Samsung Mobile India & others

Socialbakers, which measures brands on social media, has released the India Q1 Facebook Report. India has 61 million Facebook members. This helps drive digital marketing activities. Tata Docomo has the highest number of Local fans followed by Vodafone Zoozoos & Nokia India. MTV India is the top facebook Media page by local fans followed by India & Bindass. Samsung Mobile India is the top socially Devoted brand followed by Airtel India . Tata Docomo has 13 millions fans with around 11 million local fans. Nokia India, Fastrack, Samsung Mobile India & kingfisher. Secret Engagement with engagement rate of 4.3% stands top by engagement rate followed by Amity University. Among the newspapers Times of India has the highest number of fans.

Many companies in India have succesfully adopted Social media into their Marketing campaigns. Most of the ads have a microsite with facebook, twitter, youtube profile. With the increase of mobile internet, more people are accessing social networks on their smartphones fueeling the social media growth. More info about the Indian facebook brands can be had at Socialbakers website.


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