Vodafone India Zoozoos – New Chapter in Indian Marketing

Vodafone Zoozoos have heralded a new chapter in Indian Marketing. In the recent times, no other character has captured the attention like Zoozoos. It helped Vodafone successfully establish a brand in India. The ad is directed by Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films. The ads were first aired during the IPL & soon it became the talk of the town. More than 20 different types of ads were made featuring the services & products Vodafone India offers.

It became the talk of the blogosphere & currently its facebook page has 2 million fans & social media also played a keyrole in building the brand. The characters were conceived and directed by executive creative director (South Asia) Rajiv Rao of Ogilvy and Mather. Users can also download images & wallpapers of Zoozoos. Several merchandise items also started appearing on the market of Zoozoos. Just like the “Hutch Dog”, Zoozoos also became brand image associated with Vodafone. Even now, Vodafone is successfully using the concept & recently it was used in the launch of Vodafone 3G services. It also became one of the top searched keyword in Google. Videos on youtube have also garnered good number of views.

Vodafone Zoozoos Facebook
Vodafone Zoozoos Twitter


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