Search Engine DuckDuckGo’s traffic explodes after PRISM news – Crosses 2 Million Daily searches

With NSA’s PRISM program of collecting information from tech companies going main stream, Search engine DuckDuckGo, has seen a huge increase in its searches. On its privacy page, the search engine states, “does not collect or share personal information. ” Since it doesn’t track the users, there is no way to base the ads on the users profile. Rather it is based on the keywords.This search engine was started in 2008 & in 2009 it was decided not to collect the IP addresses.

Google & other search engines collect user data & advts are based on the users profile. The site which usually gets 1.7 to 1.8 million searches daily, got a record searches of around 2.2 million on Monday. Below is a traffic stats chart showing how the search queries are increasing daily. After the media feature & Bloomberg TV interview, there is a significant increase in Traffic.


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