Comparing Facebook-WhatsApp Deal with Other High Profile Tech Deals

The chart below shows how facebook’s Whatsapp acquisition stands compared to other high profile tech acquisition. Facebook’s deal is the biggest one in the recent times followed by Google’s Motorola Deal. Social media space is seeing a lot of acquisitions. Facebook also bought Instagram for $1 Billion & is growing at a very good pace. Google has done many acquisitions recently in the Robotics, Internet of things & other areas.

Whatsapp handles more than 50 billion messages a day, 500 million images & has 450 million users. It has a very good market share of mobile messaging app in countries like India, Brazil & others.

Infographic: WhatsApp Deal Dwarfs Other High-Profile Tech Acquisitions | Statista
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Top Bing Searches for 2013 – Most Searched Person, Sport Stars, Spots Teams, Musicians, Songs, Social media sites, Apps, TV shows, Movies, Memes & others

Bing has released the top search trends for US in 2013. Beyoncé Knowles is the top searched person for 2013 followed by Kim Kardashian. Only 2 men are in the top 10 list, Justin Bieber (6th) and Barack Obama (10th). The list shows the top searches for 2013 & 2012. There are four newcomers to the top 10 in this year’s list, with Amanda Bynes coming in at #8, Madonna at #5 along with President Barack Obama at #10. Tim Tebow was the most searched athlete for 2013. Tebow moved up from #3 in 2012. Maria Sharapova, Kevin Ware & Tiger Woods are some of the other sports people.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & linkedin are some of the top social media sites searched in 2013. Among the apps are Candy Crush stole the #1 spot, Angry Birds #2 and Bad Piggies #3. Xbox is the most searched entertainment electronic with iPhone #2 and Android #3 position.

Top Bing Searches for 2013

Top Bing Searches for 2013

Top Social Sign ins – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft & others

Social Sign ins help users to sign in to a 3rd party website using their existing social media or email logins. With the growth of internet & social media/networking, registration required for all the sites is a tedious process. It takes a lot of time & also to have different user name/logins. In such a case, social sign ins come into picture. Facebook is the top such log in used at 45% followed by Google at 33%. Other companies, like Microsoft, yahoo, linkedin, twitter account for just above 20 percent of social sign ins. Both Google & Facebook account for around 78% of such social logins.

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comScore’s Top 50 U.S. Web Properties in June – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL & others in the List

comScore has released the list of top 50 U.S web properties, top 10 site categories, Top 30 Syndicated Ad Focus Entities & other details in its monthly ranking of U.S. web activity. Google sites, Yahoo sites, Microsoft sites & Facebook are the top 4 sites with highest unique visitors. Some others in the list include AOL, Amazon sites & Glam Media.

Among the site categories, gay/lesbian, retail (fragrences/cosmetics) & services (IM’s) occupy the top 3 position. Gay/Lesbian has seen a 10% increase with the pride month in June. Among the ad networks, Google ad network & AT&T adworks occupy the top 2 positions. Facebook, Tumblr, pinterest & Linkedin are the top social media networks in the top US web properties.


Online Video Consumption Doubles in India – Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Yahoo! sites & others in the list

Online video consumption in India has doubled in the past 2 years according to a report by comScore, worldwide leader in measuring the digital world, It has released the latest video viewership report for India. Online Video consumption in India stands at 3.7 billion videos per month. This has been influenced by a variety of reasons like increasing consumption per viewer, increasing broadband speed, increase in net penetration & others. As per the report, the total online video audience in India has grown 74 percent to 54 million viewers & the average viewer is now watching 18 percent more videos and spending 28 percent more time viewing. This provide the digital marketers with a great avenue to reach prospective customers.

Google sites, primarily,, is the top video property with 31.5 million unique viewers, Facebook with 18.6 million, and Yahoo! Sites with 8.2 million. Video ad platforms VDOPIA (6.4 million viewers) and TubeMogul (5.5 million viewers) are also in the list. Google is also in the top video view list with 2.1 billion views, facebook with 150 million views 7 Daily motion at 83 million views.



Uttarakhand Floods – Role of Social Media & other helpful Weblinks for Information

Floods in Uttarakhand have created havoc with thousands of people stranded in different parts of the state. Several thousand are missing & many have been killed as well. This has been described as the Himalayan Tsunami. The relief operations are in full swing with Army, Airforce, NDRA & others pitching in for rescuing people. One of the worst-affected is Kedarnath town with areas like Badrinath, Yamunotri & others. Several helicopters have been deployed with Food, medicines and other essentials were also carried to the needy.

Several states have announced financial, medical & other help to the Uttarakhand govt to help over come the crisis. This flood has also created a debate over whether this is due to Man made calamity or nature’s fury. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appealed to the people of India to stand with all those who are going through this harrowing time & appealed for donations Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Several ‘dharamashalas’ (rest houses for pilgrims) have also been swept away in the floods.

Websites, social media & blogs have been updating information on the Uttarakhand Floods. Videos & Pics have been posted in YouTube showing the mighty flood waters. Google has launched a missing person finder, if you have information on someone or looking for someone. On Twitter searching for #Uttarakhand, #kedarnath, #SaluteIndianArmy would provide the latest tweets & info on the flood relief.

NGO’s working in flood relief

For blood donation

Facebook & Google

Some of the media sites for info, video, pics & others on Uttarakhand Floods are

Yahoo Acquires Tumblr

Yahoo! has announced that it has decided to acquire Tumblr. The official press release about the acquisition has been released by Yahoo. Approximately for $1.1 billion, substantially all of which will be paid in cash. In the release, Yahoo promises not to screw up & will be operated independently as a separate business. David Karp will remain as the CEO of Tumblr.

Yahoo’s corporate blog has been moved to Tumblr & this is a great sign of Yahoo showing its trust in tumblr. Marissa Mayer has also announced the same on her Tumblr blog. Facebook last year purchased Instagram & now Yahoo going ahead with Tumblr. There are more than 100 million blogs on the site & more than 100 million users across the world. There are many challenges for yahoo as well like monetizing revenues from Tumblr, making the mobile tumblr more popular & others.

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Top US Web Brands of 2011 – Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Youtube & others

Nielsen has released the top US web brands of 2011. The list is an interesting mix of social media, search networks,smartphone makers & others. Social media sites like facebook, twitter have changed the very dimension of web. People are spending more time on such sites sharing videos, pics, status updates & others. This has made facebook race to the top 10 spot being at 2nd spot now. Some of the top US web brands are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, youtube & others. Even though the popularity of myspace has decreased, it still figures in the top 10 list of social media sites. Youtube is the top video network followed by Vevo. Google+ launched in 2011 by Google has been able to break into the top 10 list. Google’s earlier ventures into Social media space wasn’t so succesful & Google+ is proving to be a big break for Google in the social space. Click here for Nielsen’s top US web brands

Top US Web Brands: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube & others

Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, youtube, Microsoft & others are the top US web brands. Google is the top most US web brand used primarily for search purposes. People are spending more time on facebook for sharing, posting, games & others. Yahoo & Bing are the other 2 search engines people usually look for information. Youtube is the top video sharing site with billions of views a month. There are other top brands also like Apple, wikipedia, ask search network & others. With social media sites like Twitter, facebook, youtube & others, the landscape of the internet is changing. Myspace which used to dominate the social media space earlier is facing a downward trend in visitors.