Coca-Cola lights up the Burj Khalifa – ‘Real Magic’ Campaign

Magic is happening all around us. You just have to take a look.

A button was pressed that lit the Burj Khalifa bringing real magic to all those around that day… there was even a marriage proposal!

Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand & Apple is the world’s Most Valuable Brand – Brand Finance Global 500

Brand Finance has released the Brand Finance Global 500 which provides the most powerful & most valuable brands globally. Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand. Employee satisfaction, brand finance, loyalty, visual identity & online presence makes it the world’s most powerful brand. Ferrari is one of only 11 brands (including Google, Hermès, Coca-Cola, Disney, Rolex and F1 racing rivals Red Bull) to be awarded an AAA+ brand rating and has the highest overall score.

Apple is the world’s most valuable brand for the 3rd year in a row. Samsung’s brand value has increased from US$20 billion to US$79 billion this year. Facebook has added 76% to its brand value this year & making it to 122nd position. US brands dominate the Brand Finance’s list, with 185 brands of the 500 spots occupied by it.

Brand Finance Global 500

Brand Finance Global 500


India & Pakistan Connect Together Through Coco-Cola Interactive Soda Machine

Coco-Cola‘s Open Happiness campaign has created a lot of brand visibility for Coke. India & Pakistan, 2 neighboring countries have been at loggerheads for decades over the border issue. Coke is is trying to change all of that through a new advertising film. Small World Machines from Coca-Cola allows people to connect in real time, touching each other over the interactive machine & drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols together.Coca-Cola installed Smart vending machines in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India. This would promote happiness and cultural understanding between the 2 nations.

Coco-Cola India’s Coke2Home – Order Cola Online in India

Online e-commerce which has taken off in a big way in India in the last few years is attracting Big players into the field. Coco-Cola has entered the food e-commerce in India with its site This is currently available in Ahmadabad Municipality Corp only. Businesses can also place bulk orders & energy drinks, juice drinks, mixers, soda & packaged drinking water are available. Minimum order for delivery is Rs 300 & before 12 noon order will get same day delivery.

Rising income levels, huge youth population, increasing internet penetration, mobile browsing & other factors are contributing for Increasing Indian e-commerce activities. Many brick & mortar companies are entering the e-commerce field.



Coca-Cola’s “The AHH Effect” – A New Digital Campaign

Coca-Cola’s new digital campaign called “the ahh effect” is targeting teens with 61 different URL’s. The 61 different URL’s with different ahhh’s includes games, gif’s & films. The home page of the campaign is & each different URL contains one more “h” reaching the maximum of 61 URL’s. Each URL corresponds to different experiences of having coke. This is a unique type of campaign with Coke launching so many URL’s. Teens looking for creativity & delight. The game I played was the Bubble game, where users have to navigate a bubble away from falling ice cubes and straws in a glass filled with Coke. One can also submit what ahh means to them & will be utilized in the website.

Coca-Cola has worked with Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Ore., to create the campaign. With the rapid growth of social media & smartphones, these campaigns provide a perfect opportunity for the teens to engage with the games & films. For the brand, this would help optimize which different experiences are performing well & eliminate the non performing experiences. Facebook app is also available for the campaign. Coke which is at the forefront of launching unique campaigns, had earlier launched open happiness campaign.

Top Branded Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook with millions of members provides a great way for companies to create fan pages. Several top brands have their fan pages on Facebook & where members can post on walls, discuss & post photos/videos. Currently facebook has the highest no. of fans at 60,950,064. Some of the other top branded pages are youtube, Coca-cola, Disney & MTV. Companies are also launching campaigns on their Facebook fan pages. Fans are taking to fan page to air their feedback about the product/service & this is also helping companies to better connect with the customers. Companies are also announcing new updates on the wall & this is being shared & liked by fans.

Coca–Cola’s Open Happiness & Expedition 206 – A Unique Social Media Campaign

Coke’s Open Happiness Campaign has been airing for some time. Now for their Year 2020 strategy, Coke has embarked on a major Social media drive.Though Coca-Cola is the world’s most favorite brand, in the social media world Coca-Cola still has miles to go compared to other brands.  They will be using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & others for their social media campaign. They have selected 3 people who will tour all the 206 countries where Coke is sold & will document what makes People happy in accordance with the Open happiness Campaign on Twitter, facebook & others. Starting the journey on January 1, 2010 and attempt to travel more than 150,000 miles in 365 days, visiting each of the 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. This will also bring Coke to the Mainstream of Social Media & their site where the details will be documented. This is also the major social media campaign taken by any Corporate.This is by for the biggest Social media campaign & experiment in the world. This is taking Web 2.0 to the masses.

Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, Google & GE in Interbrand’s 2010 top Brand list

Coca- Cola, IBM & Microsoft have maintained their first 3 positions in the 2010 Annual Interbrand list. Surprising aspect is Apple failing to make it into the top 10 inspite of tech crazy fans. HP has broken into top 10 slot for the first time with a good track of performance & acquisition. With 2010 still in the recession grip brand list indicates the companies ability to maintain the branding. BP due to its gulf oil spill has resulted in drop of rankings. Some of the companies have also made into the list for the first time. Interbrand considers a number of parameters to rank the brands. Financial, Automotive, FMCG are some of the sectors having a place in the rank.

Coca Cola vs Coca Colla – Copying a Brand?

Coca Colla, is a new Drink from the land of Bolivia. It looks more like a Coca – Cola with its red color. However, Coke is from the land of Capitalism while Coca Colla is from the land of Socialism, Bolivia. Several brands have come up across the world imitating Coke. This is the newest imitating coke. CoCa Colla is made from Coca, raw ingredient used in Cocaine. Coca Cola is the world’s favorite brand. Can brands make a name & survive by copying a leading brand?

Most Active Social brands: iphone, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Xbox & others

Now social media & networking has become a part of marketing mix. As Online marketing evolved, it became a part of 4P’s & now social media is also a part of it. Companies would use website & email address earlier & now one can see facebook & Twitter profile address as well. Many companies are doing social media promotion to promote the brands. Some of the brands are part of everyday social media conversation like iphone, apple, Google, IKEA, Nike, Coca-Cola, Jet blue & others. Videos, photo, status updates, twitter are some of the ways in which brands are using social media. Phone, Gaming devices, Sports, Media, automobile are some of the sectors which are using social media for promotion. Old Spice recently had a great success with social media using the youtube videos. Nestle, Dell & some other brands have also faced a lot of criticism in the social media space. Some of the top brands are iphone, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Xbox, Wii, old spice, & others. With a proper social media strategy, brands can reap rich benefits for increasing the brand visibility.